You Had Me At Hello…

I heard your whispers when you wished for me,
So I went to God on your behalf.
Although I didn’t have a name or a face to match with the voice,
I pleaded with him to give us a chance.
I explained to Him your need for my love and that I’d heard you say so yourself,
And I knew in that instant you could have only meant me,
that I was sure you couldn’t be speaking of anyone else.
He confessed to me that we were indeed created for each other,
but our union would not come without work.
He told me the task before me may not be easy,
and I definitely would not be your first.
He counseled me on how to strudge through the storms,
and when needed, how to carry us through unscathed.
Told me He’d waited for the right moment,
but my heart told Him I was ready,
and next was the blessing He gave.
He fashioned my soul’s song to match yours,
and with that, He sent me down to Earth.
An angel with a royal inheritance
seeking her king, Oh! What a blessed search.
My arrival didn’t come without trials,
I was tested and even experienced some pain.
I was armed with the foresight to know though,
that my reward would be priceless once you came.
I met handsome men, even rich ones,
some intelligent and debonair,
but as soon as they opened their mouths I dismissed them.
THAT voice just wasnt there.
When I saw YOU though, my spirit danced,
and my heart seemed to skip a beat.
I tried to gather myself,
but I’ll admit it,
I held my breath and waited for you to speak.
As I look in your eyes in this moment I can tell you,
there’s more power in your voice than you know.
Your declarations of love today don’t go unnoticed,
but you had me at “Hello.”


Nature’s Tragedy

No explanation. I just needed to breathe a little…

I’ve yearned for it since day one…
The love of a being who was always emotionally absent,
That acted as though I was a mistake or something they regret happened.
I’ve wasted my life wondering how I could get through,
And exactly what it couldve been that I did to you,
To make you stay away from me.
I’m always trying to figure out who you really want to me to be,
Cause from the looks of our current situation you don’t particularly care for me.
See from what the fairy tales tell me you’re supposed to love me unconditionally,
And take pride in the fact the you helped to create me.
Instead you treat me with such disdain,
A frown comes to your face every time you hear my name.
Getting you to be nice to me is a cruel and tiresome game,
And anytime something bad happens I’m the first one you choose to blame.
This shit is insane.
A person outside my shoes would call me dramatic,
Looking at our dynamic like its just minor static.
But in the pits of my eyes and spirit I read a story so tragic,
And feel the horrid effects of a situation where love’s not exactly automatic.
I’ve pretty much had it.
If you’d actually gotten to know me you’d see its all true,
And how sad our saga is cause I’m so much like you.
Regardless of our journey I’ll always love you like no other,
Cause I’ve never wanted anything more than the love of my mother…