You Had Me At Hello…

I heard your whispers when you wished for me,
So I went to God on your behalf.
Although I didn’t have a name or a face to match with the voice,
I pleaded with him to give us a chance.
I explained to Him your need for my love and that I’d heard you say so yourself,
And I knew in that instant you could have only meant me,
that I was sure you couldn’t be speaking of anyone else.
He confessed to me that we were indeed created for each other,
but our union would not come without work.
He told me the task before me may not be easy,
and I definitely would not be your first.
He counseled me on how to strudge through the storms,
and when needed, how to carry us through unscathed.
Told me He’d waited for the right moment,
but my heart told Him I was ready,
and next was the blessing He gave.
He fashioned my soul’s song to match yours,
and with that, He sent me down to Earth.
An angel with a royal inheritance
seeking her king, Oh! What a blessed search.
My arrival didn’t come without trials,
I was tested and even experienced some pain.
I was armed with the foresight to know though,
that my reward would be priceless once you came.
I met handsome men, even rich ones,
some intelligent and debonair,
but as soon as they opened their mouths I dismissed them.
THAT voice just wasnt there.
When I saw YOU though, my spirit danced,
and my heart seemed to skip a beat.
I tried to gather myself,
but I’ll admit it,
I held my breath and waited for you to speak.
As I look in your eyes in this moment I can tell you,
there’s more power in your voice than you know.
Your declarations of love today don’t go unnoticed,
but you had me at “Hello.”



I’m gonna do something a little different tonight. I really wanna introduce yall to all the sides of Shan that I can, so I wanna share something with you guys. I know a lot of us (male and female alike) have kinda been here and can feel this, just may not know how to SAY this. I did write this with someone in mind, but you can apply it where ever you need it! Don’t say I aint never gave you nothing!!! I call this:


While looking through photographs yesterday I cried for you,
They reminded me of how hard I tried for you.
All the empty nights I cried for you,
Tried to save face for our friends so I lied for you.
Steady accepted your deception while the wrong shit guided you.
Time after time I swallowed my pride for you.
Had to face the fact that so much of me died with you.
Well maybe I cried for me,
Cause I knew right from the start that we could never truly be.
I just wanted it so bad I wouldn’t allow me to see.
& if u were honest with the both of us I know you would agree,
But everytime I asked the questions you never replied truthfully.
I carried on so foolishly…
But I digress.
I refuse to live my life inside of useless regret.
I can forgive but our saga is something I’ll never forget.
Your disrespect still damaged me, however indirect.
& try as I might, I’ll probably never be able to regard you in the same respect.
Considering all the turmoil I recollect.
They tell me hindsight is 20/20, now I’m seeing real clear.
You wanted to occupy all my space but had never intended to stay here.
You knew I’d always accept you with open arms yet you succumbed to your own fear.
& I’ve learned my lessons in love, which I’ll always keep near.
I just hope yesterday was the last time I’ll shed those same damn tears…